From our fields to your plate.

Welcome to Mid-Michigan Organic Farms!

Who are we?
We are a collection of local Naturally and/or Organic Certified Farms, serving customers in Isabella, Midland, Bay and Saginaw Counties delivering fresh, healthy (GMO-Free) food products directly from our fields to your plate.

How our system works?
When weekly online orders are placed, growers will harvest your order directly from their fields, then package and deliver to a distribution pickup location nearest to your home.
Our system guarantees you to receive the highest quality of healthy, fresh and tasty food products, second best to picking directly from our grower’s fields yourself.

When will we be open to serve you?
We are in our start-up phase, adding new growers to bring you a wide variety of food products and selecting distribution pick up locations to best serve our customers. As soon as our growers post their food products online, we will be open to serve you.
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Where are Distribution Pickup Locations?
Traditionally, distribution Pickup Locations are set up for delivery once a week in parking lots owned by local businesses, as a service to their community neighbors and exposure for their business.
If you own a business or would like to suggest a business to be set up nearest to your home, send us an email with their name and phone number for us to contact them as soon as possible.